Tagging a specific role based on the game being played

Published on Jul 27, 2019

Before we release this feature for real, we found a temporary quick "hack" to mention a specific role based on the game being played.

You will need Nightbot in your Discord server for this to work.

Set up a command

Go to your channel's custom commands page, and make a new command with the first word of your game. For example, "Clash Royale" would be "Clash", etc.

You will need to get the role's raw mention, which you can find by following this short guide. Then set the command message to that value.

Repeat this step for every game you want to have a role associated with.

Configure the notification

Unfortunately, this workaround is very specific and may make your message look a bit odd. When you add the notification, begin the notification message with !{} (!$game$ if you aren't using the dashboard)

TwitchBot should automatically post the notification when the streamer goes live.

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